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Oakville Master Swimmer PanAm Torch bearer

posted Apr 13, 2015, 2:07 PM by Mette B Jensen Novais
This is very cool, Erin Whike one of our Oakville Master Swimmer is going to be a Torchbearer for the PanAm Games. 
Erin says, her letter explaining, why she should be picked as a torch bearer is "dorky". I don't think so. Her story is neat and unique one to be proud of. It shows, if you try to achieve something, there is always a chance that it could just be you, that achieved it. If you never try to do something or archive something out of the ordinary, you might never be considered or able to get the opportunity..A once in a lifetime experience and opportunity for Erin. Congratulations to Erin for being picked..On June 23, 2015, Erin Whike will be carrying the Torch. Oakville Masters swimmers come and cheer her on.. When I get more info, I will let you know, where to meet etc…
 Erin about her letter: "It’s dorky but I guess it worked!"