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Charity Swim 2015 Complete

posted Mar 30, 2015, 3:18 PM by Mette B Jensen Novais   [ updated Apr 12, 2015, 11:04 AM ]
Our annually Charity Swim is complete. So far we have raised $3115. I am waiting for a few more donations from people and a total tally from donations online. 
With your help and your support SOAAR has become more known in the community and with the awareness, hopefully people in the community will select to donate funds to the charity, therefore support and helping the kids with Autism. In Canada 1 in 94 children are diagnosed with Autism and as these children reaches adulthood there are very few programs for them. I am happy, the Oakville Masters Swim club choose to help and support this group. Our funds will enrich the lives of young people with Autism living in our community...

As for the one hour swim you guys did amazing. The 2015 Charity Swim had the most participants since we started this event back in 2007. We had 90 people swimming with 60 single swimmers, swimming a total of 185 km in an hour. The average Swimming per person was 3.80 km, above 3 km per hour... 7 relays teams sprinting for an hour. One relay team with 3 people doing 25 m sprints and 6 relays with 5 people doing 25 m sprints, swimming a total of 33.KM 550m, which average close to 4800m per team (fast). The talk on deck before and after the one hour swim, was whether it is easier to swim straight for one hour or sprinting close to 1000m total per person?..I am not be the judge...Keeping in mind the differing in ages youngest 26 and oldest 77 and abilities some has achieved more and some less. The ability to swim one our continuously and sprinting close to 1000m is quite an achievement. 

You can still donate on line or hand in a cheque to me. Last date for handing in the chq is Sunday, April 20 2015..write a cheque to Bursary of Hope for Autism.

Here a little note from John and Janet 
Hi Masters Swimmers.

We are thrilled that the charity swim this year will be benefitting SOAAR(a day program for adults with Autism) The timing couldn't be better. This Thursday is World Autism Day. The guys from SOAAR will be greeting the Thursday morning swimmers with pens and a short note explaining the SOAAR program. Mette has pledge forms if anyone is interested. 
We hope you enjoy your hour swim and thank you for donating to SOAAR.