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Charity Swim 2015

posted Feb 26, 2015, 10:52 AM by Mette B Jensen Novais
This year the 1 hour Charity swim will be over two days Wednesday April 8 and Thursday April 9, 2015 at White Oaks Pool

The majority of the votes, for which charity our club is going to support on our 2015 Charity swim, went to SOAAR.
For more information about SOARR please go to :
Charity Swim 2015 Following Groups and Times: 

1) EAU: (plus Wednesday AM and late Thursday): (Two start times)
Wednesday April 8, 8:35pm -9:35pm 
and 9:40pm-10:40pm

2) Aqua: (plus Late Thursday and Wednesday AM): (Two start times)
Thursday April 9  8:10-9:10pm and 9:15-10:15 pm
(This may start earlier 7:00pm and we will have three start times) 

3)Morning Groups: Monday &Thursday (plus Wednesday AM) : (Two start times) 
Thursday April 9, 10:10am to 11:10am and 11:20am-12:20pm 

Lanes and times will be assigned the week before the swim. Again this year you can do the swim by your self or in a relay. The relay can consist of swimmers from any of our swim groups but no more than 5 swimmers per relay (sprinting for an hour). 
Please let Coach Mette know if you are swimming in a relay and the relay team members names I will designate the time and lane for the relays..

Wednesday mornings and late Thursday: (Swimmers that only swims on those times Wednesday and late Thursday swimmers) please let me know, which of the above times you can attend and I will try and put you into a suitable lane..

The donation can be submitted to the charity online or as in the past, you will have the option to submit a donation in cash or cheque at or shortly after the event in a white envelope. Then if you would like to receive a tax receipt please write your full name with address on the envelope and if donating cash please write the amount on the envelope...Please fill out a regular white envelope to SOAAR with your name and Address if tax receipt is required. 
We will present the proceeds to a representative of the charity at one of our practices.  
We will be greatly in need of lap counters for the swims you may be asked to bring your own counter.  This is a wonderful opportunity for your high schoolers to rack up volunteer hours and for other family members/friends to  see you work out.  Please let me know if you can bring volunteers for this task. However, if you have no counters you will be responsible for finding your own counter. 

Stay tuned more info will come soon..