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ATB and Provinciels 2011

posted Mar 28, 2011, 5:17 PM by Mette B Jensen Novais   [ updated Mar 28, 2011, 5:19 PM ]
March 25-27 proved to be an exciting weekend for a lot of our swimmers..
Around 20 of ours swimmers ran Around the Bay..A huge congratulations to all that completed the race...
I hear it was a beautiful day with great runs, lots of sun shine and lots cheering on the side line from other swimmers..Please send pictures and info if you have any... 
Also a big congratulations to the 13 swimmers that participated in the provincials champions ship. The Oakville team placed 11 out of 55 teams in points..Most top teams had more than 50 swimmers.
The swimmers won around 42 medals (still calculating) 20 gold medals, 14 silver and 6 bronze (relays counts as one)
and around ten, places within 4,5,6,7 and 8th place.
Some of the highlights of the weekend were: When Janice Gibbs missed her race and kicked her "croc" in the pool. "New comer" Rob Jones swimming a great 50 breast stroke with some heads up looking to the side, totally forgetting that the rules have changed since the Olympics in Munich...No false start rule.. but then swimming a fast 50 m breast in the relay on 37 seconds. Cheering the two heats of 50m back. Team mates Sylvie Trembley (1st) and Jackie Hatherley (2nd) swimming side by side competing for first and second and Janice Gibbs (3rd) and Jennifer Agnew (4th) doing the same (for third and forth place) in their age group. Jennifer won a gold medal earlier in 100m back stroke. Not to mention the nice flip turns Michael Liepner did, it should be said, that he has up until now done open turns (Michael won 1 gold 2 silver and 1 bronze). Michael Laing's negative split 1.14 and 1.08 in 200 m free..Sue Rousseau swimming a fantastic 50 fly and doing super dives. Valerie Scotts gold performance in 1500 m free and 200 m breast stroke. Our assistance coach Amie Peddle's swimming 200m and 100m breast stroke in a PB time winning gold medals. Jackie's gold performance in all IM events; 100 IM, 200 IM and 400 m IM.. The "young girls" Leann Lapp and Kelsey Robertson and the "older girls" Sylvie Trembley and Jackie Hatherly winning their 4x100m free relay. All 4 ladies swimming the 100m free on 1.06. To finish it all of after just swimming herself to a silver in 100 m breast stroke, 10 mins later, Sonia swam 200m fly, winning a silver medal beating a 27 year old.
Last but not least a super highlights was to watch the excitement of Sylvie and Kelsey chasing ALEX BAUMAN. Yes they were in the hunt to prove that they had been seen with him and therefore needed his picture...Next big meet Nationals May Long Weekend in Montreal...More pictures soon to be posted on our web site...