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Cost season 2016/17

Thank you for your interest in our Masters Swim club..Should you wish to swim with us please contact Coach Mette for space and fees. Mette@cogeco.ca
We have four different teams in our club..
All programs runs from September til mid June which makes the price per swim from $7:50-$11;50 including HST
Aqua 3 times a week 2 evenings and 1 morning (this program is full)
Eau 2 times a week evening (This program is full)
Mornings 2 times mid morning (This program is full)
WednesdayAM OneDay (This program is full)

  1. Aqua Group and Eau Group - (see Season Costs )
  2. Morning Members - 1 or 2 days per week (see Masters Mornings Costs)
  3. Summer Swimmers - Costs for Summer swims contact Mette@cogeco.ca
  4. Open Water Swimmers - contact Mette@cogeco.ca
  5. One on One-contact Mette@cogeco.ca
Please make cheques payable to the Oakville Masters Swim Club.  Cheques are non-refundable. We are accepting swimmers from other cities and towns.  
Times and locations are subject to change. OMSC reserves the right to refuse membership.